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Scout Models Who We Are
Scout Models started as an idea for a modelling agency in 2005. To protect the name Scout Models,
Scout Models Limited was incorporated federally on June 23rd, 2005. The domain name was obtained through an ICANN dispute, where the owner proved rights to the
domain name. You’ll see many other modelling agencies using some form of Scout and Models in their
name, but none have the name Scout Models and the domain name The owner of
Scout Models was the first to concieve of a modelling agency called Scout Models.

In the beginning Scout Models was just an idea, and the owner did alot of research on the Fashion
Industry, spoke to many editors and designers. One such editor was influential in the final product;
an editor at Vogue. When told the owner had spotted a Milla Jovovich look-a-like, the editor of Vogue
suggested the owner of Scout Models run more of a “scouting firm” then a modelling agency.

A “scouting firm” acts like a modelling agency getting models gigs however the main focus of a
“scouting firm” is to find an unknown, star-like model that can make it big and be signed to large
agency. Scout Models is a “scouting firm,” although there are paid and unpaid gigs, most are done for
exposure to make the model known, for signing to a larger agency. Still, Scout Models does act as a
modelling agency for large events, again for exposure, this time of the agency. It was an editor of
Vogue’s idea.

After years of research Scout Models pre-launched in 2019 and is looking for an official launch
sometime in 2020.

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